Saturday, June 13, 2015

CKM Spring Trip Report

  Dear Friends, we are home now from our 3 week ministry trip to Colorado and Kansas City!  What an amazing trip it was with all kinds of weather, divine appointments and encounters of the Jesus kind! We never know all the Lord has planned but when we look over our shoulder to all He accomplished we can do nothing but REJOICE, PRAISE and be SO THANKFUL!! His protection was over us all the way. Thank all of you for your prayers!! We saw rainbows to remind us of His continual presence in our lives and His promises that are YES and AMEN!  We saw snow to remind us of His purity and peace! We saw rain to remind us that He knows the needs of this world He created and moisture is one big need in so many areas. 

 We adopted new grandchildren on this trip and visited with those who have been members of our Jesus family for a while.  Our hearts were so touched by the love extended to us and we gave many hugs and lots of love away.  How do we condense 3 weeks into a few sentences? Jesus IS LORD!! That says it all! One of our dear missionaries always says “BUT GOD” and we saw that lived out every moment of each day we traveled and ministered.  We saw marriages touched by His healing hand, we saw hearts wounded by pain and fear healed by His loving touch, we saw lives transformed by the Word of God and the prayers of the Saints and we saw how HE led and guided us into people’s lives that did not know Jesus but knew they had had an encounter with Him when we left them.  In motels, restaurants, homes and stores we saw Him in smiles, words of encouragement and the peace shown in people’s faces and lives.  A precious little guy, grandson of some dear friends, blessed my heart by singing Jesus Loves Me with me.  His smile lit up my world as we played and sang together. So many people need to know the reason for our joy.  It isn’t based on what we have or who we know but totally based upon whose we are, we BELONG TO JESUS!! He IS ALL we need! We shout it from the rooftops and tell every person we see, we LOVE JESUS and HE LOVES US!!   

  We look forward to our next adventure in traveling but we also look forward to each day that we are at home. Our neighbors are THE BEST in the world. They care for our home and our yard while we are gone and they had quite a chore this time because of all the rains. We publicly thank each one who mowed and watched over our property and we praise the Lord that as we drive out of the driveway we station warring angels around the perimeter to protect and defend what the Lord has given us. We are so very blessed!! 

  Our life scripture is Proverbs 3:5-6 and we mention it again here: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths."  We seek to live and walk these truths daily!! Join with us on this journey called Life with Jesus and Walking in the Spirit of God.