Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

This has been a very eventful year! We had our 9 week trip early in the year and then the Lord has used us here in the area the rest of the year. We have traveled a little but mostly we have been touching lives over email, Facebook and phone. Of course that doesn’t take into account the MANY divine appointments we encounter in our daily life. I am sure all of you could say amen to that one statement. The Lord is ALWAYS busy about His business and He uses us when we are willing to be used. Each morning we praise Him for another terrific day and we pray Proverbs 3:5-6 and the Prayer of Jabez. Oh how He has enlarged our territory! We also pray the Lord’s Prayer each morning and then watch Father care for us bountifully throughout the day. There have been many in pain, turmoil and fear this year due to the circumstances they find themselves in at the moment. One day we walked into a store just to buy a few items and encountered a precious lady who helped me find what I needed and then we helped her focus on Jesus for a bit as she desires a fulfilling marriage. She is happily married but she wants it to be even better! We were so excited to encourage her. Then another time we went into a department store and met one of the checkers who needed an ear because she was hurting and concerned about her daughter. I got her name and the daughter’s name and we have been praying for them daily ever since. This past week we went into the store and she ran over to us to tell us that her daughter is doing SO MUCH BETTER and she wept for joy at the healing that is happening. Keeping Father’s divine appointments! These are only a few of the many opportunities we have to share our Lord Jesus, the Word of God and His love with those we meet daily. This year we want to say Thank You to all our wonderful prayer partners and friends who support, bless, pray for and encourage us. We are very thankful for our Lord and for those He has given us to pray for and touch. May He grant us His amazing strength, wisdom and peace as we finish this year and begin a new year with Him.

We love you,

Charley & Karen