Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A New Year

Can it truly be the middle of March? Where has this year gone? We know it has been busy because we are tired! Our winter here in Texas has been mild to say the least. We saw snow only once and it did not stick to the ground. We have had more rain than usual and lots more sunshine and warmer temps. I love watching the fruit trees bloom and my irises, oh my, they have been beautiful. The first white irises numbered 5. A friend told us that 5 means Grace. Yes, the Lord has given us much Grace this year. We began the year so excited about all He has planned and we are still excited! We have been at home for these 3 months but Father has kept us really busy with His work. We have adopted several new grandchildren and a new daughter. Of course her whole family came along with the adoption. One of our dear daughters traveled to Moldova for ministry and we were a part of her prayer team. Others, pastors and children, have called for prayer covering for immediate needs in their family.

We stay in communication with many folks over email and Facebook. We enjoy using the tools Father has given us to share His message of love and forgiveness. I continue to make my scripture cards and give them away at every available opportunity. The Word is alive! Jesus is Alive!! Praise God, He is using us for His honor and glory. We have both been going for medical exams to check our health and fitness for all the Lord has for us to do. He has sent us to do this because He wants us physically healthy for His work. We have not been as faithful to care for our bodies, His temple, as we should but that is changing. We want to be faithful to Him and His work by eating right and caring for His temple. He has much for us to do for the Kingdom. We know we will be traveling soon. He has given us some of our trip but no leaving date. Those who have followed this ministry for years are very much aware that we do not leave town until Father tells us. Then we are on His time schedule and following His plans. We continue to pray Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” Those verses we live by daily trusting Him for all He has for us that day. Keeping His appointments and ministering where He chooses. It is an amazing way to live! It is so expedient that we listen closely to what the Lord tells us and stay focused on Him. He has awesome plans and we do not want to miss a single one of them. So many people today need a touch from the Master and He loves them enough to send us to them. We can give example after example of divine encounters. We look for them! We expect them! They happen daily! Praise God, He is working in our lives and using us to impact a lost world.

May the Lord be praised! Stay in touch with us during this year and we will take you along on our journey with Jesus! We love you all and appreciate your prayer covering!

Charley & Karen