Sunday, June 26, 2011

DELIVER the Message

Dear Prayer Warriors! Wow! This has been a fast couple of weeks. Since our arrival home on June 9 from our 9 week ministry trip, we have had lots of computer work to do entering all the new folks Father added to our prayer list and our ministry list. Many of our local spiritual family needed some Mama and Papa hugs also. We want to give a report of what the Lord did as we traveled. It is so hard to take hundreds of stories and condense them for you but here goes.

We have said over and over that this was an amazing trip and it was! We saw the hand of the Lord guiding our every step, He protected us physically from the weather issues (tornadoes, floods, rains) and He placed us exactly where He wanted us for even a 5 minute window of opportunity to touch someone's life. We left on March 31 for the East Coast stopping in East Texas to spend the night with family (always a great blessing) and then on to Alabama. We were in Alabama two weeks before the devastating tornado struck. Even at that time they were experiencing some serious rains and hail. We prayed asking for Father's protection over the pastor's home where we stayed and we rebuked the enemy and told him to dissipate the hail and damaging winds. We saw on the radar that 10 miles west of the house the cells of hail disappeared and the rains came but no hail or damaging winds. Then 10 miles east of the house the cells of hail reappeared and continued on their way. Wow!

We traveled on to Florida where we spent the weekend with a dear friend and met a new pastor and his wife after services on Sunday morning. We were able to encourage and bless this couple going through some trials in their church. We have since heard from them over email. Then the following Sunday Charley preached the morning message at another church in Tallahassee. It was so neat to find out that Charley's message dove-tailed with the pastor's message the week before on forgiveness. May the Lord be praised! We spent the week with a precious family and enjoyed the time together as we are mama and papa to this family.

From Florida we went to South Carolina and were blessed to spend time with family and with a pastor and wife. They desire to see revival take place in their church and community but have been a bit discouraged. We spent 3 hours in a restaurant sharing hearts and lives. We received a note from them after we arrived home and they were encouraged by our visit. That is why Father sends us and it is always exciting to hear His plans were accomplished.

Then on to North Carolina where we spoke at a Bible school class for several hours and the Lord opened the door for us to spiritually adopt the whole class, men and women. What a powerful evening and we know the Lord worked deeply in these hearts and lives! These folks minister to others and tonight Father ministered to them. Praise His Holy Name!

We had sent prayer requests several months ago for a precious young woman involved in a car accident named Angelica. We got to spend time with Angelica, her mom and sister and see Father's healing touch on her in person. It was such a sweet time and she continues to praise the Lord for saving her life and she is committed to Him for her daily needs and her future.

Father sent us back to Tuscaloosa after the devastating tornado to see first-hand what had happened. We were in awe of the destruction! Never have we seen this kind of damage. We praise the Lord for the lives saved and for the healing that is happening. We saw a town that rallied together to help their own and within a week they had done so much restoration and it is still happening. Please continue to pray for the people of Tuscaloosa as well as the people in Joplin. The pastor's home where we stayed and their whole little suburb was spared any damage. Praise the Lord!

Then we traveled to Nashville to spend time with a precious couple who we had met over email but not personally. We had the best time sharing our lives walking with Jesus. They are people of prayer and we connected big time as we are people of prayer.

Father sent us north to Louisville, Kentucky in order to go west to cross the Mississippi River because Memphis was flooding as was eastern Arkansas. We traveled on dry roads all the way, crossing the River in St. Louis and traveling on to Kansas City. Thank You Lord for Your protection! In Kansas City we spent time with a single mom and her precious daughter. She is dating a young man who loves the Lord and both of them are seeking Father's plans for their life. Great time of sharing and hugs! Then on to Springfield to spend time with another single mom also seeking Father's perfect will in her life as she is dating a man who also loves the Lord. It is so encouraging to come along side these couples and to bless their efforts to do things God's way.

The middle of May we headed for Colorado. Father had many appointments there with adopted family, pastors and friends. We saw His hand daily leading and guiding us to motels, restaurants and even meetings. He had appointments and connections for us in every place we went. We met a young man named Luke in a restaurant. He was our server and it was during off hours, around 3:30 in the afternoon. He sat with us at our table and we talked about the Lord and what Father wants to do in Luke's life. He was so open and receptive. I gave away many scripture cards (I use the pictures I have taken and place them on business card stock and Father gives me a scripture to go with the picture). This has opened many doors for sharing everywhere we go. Thank You Lord!

This in no way gives all the encounters we experienced but hopefully you will be able to see how Father put Proverbs 3:5-6 into operation in our lives as we traveled by His direction, stayed where He said, spoke to those He brought to us and how He blessed each moment of each day as we were obedient to Him. This too can be your life of service, obedience and faith. He may not have you travel over 7000 miles but He may have someone today for you to speak the name of Jesus, hold, hug, encourage and bless.

Thank you for your prayer covering and support for this ministry! Hopefully you can see through this report how Father answered your prayers and blessed this trip tremendously.

We love you all,

Charley & Karen

"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." Matthew 6:33