Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Christ's Kingdom Ministries Happy 15th Anniversary

Well, it has been 15 years since the Lord set us on an amazing journey and we have so many stories they literally can fit into a book (I am even in the process of writing one)!!  It has been a great adventure following the Lord’s direction and planning step by step.  We began with around 20 pastors to visit and encourage but now have around 400.  We cannot logistically see them all but Father has brought them to us for prayer. We pray daily for them trusting the Lord to meet their needs.  We travel and spend one on one time with them according to the Lord’s direction and each year we add new pastors to our list.  We have traveled to many states and Charley has preached in many pulpits.  The message the Lord has continued to send forth is love and forgiveness.  What joy to see people’s hearts mended and lives changed by the power of the Word of God and the name of Jesus!  Each message has brought people closer to the Lord through repentance and healing.  We are overjoyed to share with all of you these past 15 years in retrospect as we have many memories of our times with you and with others.  Thank you for your prayer covering, financial support and love.  We are blessed tremendously by our Father’s provision, protection and anointing.  May the Lord grant each of you His perfect peace that passes understanding!                                                                    

We look forward to more years serving our Lord through this ministry and through our lives lived daily for Him.  

Thank you for being a part of this celebration. 

We love you all,

Charley & Karen