Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hear Me Oh My People!

As Karen spent time with the Lord one day, this is the word He gave to her to share with the world. Listen and heed dear children of God. The time is coming soon when Jesus will return for His Church, His people. Will you be ready?

Hear Me Oh My people! The I AM is speaking to you!
Why do you not listen to Me? Why do you go on about your tasks in your own strength and not Mine? I am here for you! I will take care of you but you will not listen. You will not seek Me. I will care for your every need but you will not seek Me nor listen. Do you see what is happening in the world? Do you know that I am still in charge of everything? You forget what My Word says. You do not read nor study so you do not understand that the adversary the devil knows that his time is short. He knows that he must do what he must do before I take my children home. See the signs from My Word and believe that I have spoken the truth. What are you going to do with each day? Are you going to trust Me or the world and all it offers. Do what I say children! Do what I say! I tell you over and over not to live with the lusts of this world but to walk in holiness with Me.

Charley and Karen, I have chosen you to be my ambassadors to this world. I have given you a message of hope and forgiveness. I have prepared you to go and teach My Word without compromise. I have a plan and a purpose for you and for all My other children. I am so glad you listen to Me and seek Me. You have done this for a long time. It is good that you do because you have much work to do. I have equipped you to do what I send you to do. You have My Word in you. You are covered by My righteousness. I sent the scent of My Spirit to you in church so that you would know just how close I am to you. I am in you and about you. Even sitting in your office talking and working I am with you every step. Do you always feel Me? No, but you know I am there. Why do My children not seek that intimacy with Me. Are they afraid? They do not want what I want. They want their own way. You must not be concerned about what they do but about what you do. I will give you words to speak to those I desire but not everyone will hear My Words. Go where I send. Do what I say. It will not get easier but it will be longer than before that you will go. Many look for you now. They await your coming with anticipation. They want you to come because you bring My love and My truth with you. I AM is with you. I will not leave you. Listen close to My words and do what I say. Peace I give to you. Look nigh for the provisions I have promised. Look nigh.

I love you My children. Give My love to others.
Jesus Loves You!

We love you!

Charley & Karen